Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Oil

Supernaturally alert and lightning-quick the stage ninja is the master of invisibility. Moving with cat-like grace unseen across the stage she leaves only the faintest scent of tea-tree behind.
Available in 1.7 oz hang bottle


Aloe Vera & Patchouli Oil

Notoriously cunning and colorful the stage pirate travels the globe carried wherever an agreeable breeze takes him. This swarthy rouge has been everywhere and has done it all.
Available in 1.7 oz hang bottle


Aloe Vera & Sandalwood Oil

Fearless and unquestionably authentic the stage cowboy is half outlaw and half acrobat. This hired gun is known to do the impossible and always seems to land on his feet.
Available in 1.7 oz hang bottle - ©2020 James Schweda - All Rights Reserved

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